Elddis Autoquest 115 Motorhome Review

Published 10 months ago

Elddis Autoquest 115 Review: A Comprehensive Look at a Budget Motorhome

In recent years, motorhome holidays have gained immense popularity, offering adventurers the freedom to hit the road and discover the world at their own pace. With the plethora of choices available in the market, finding a motorhome that provides the essentials without breaking the bank can be challenging. That's where the Elddis Autoquest 115 comes into the picture. Marketed as a budget-friendly option, this motorhome promises to deliver on functionality and comfort. Having spent considerable time exploring its offerings, here's my in-depth Elddis Autoquest 115 review.

Elddis Autoquest 115 Review Kitchen

Interior and Kitchen Amenities

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the well-thought-out kitchen design. The black matching sink, conveniently located alongside a pull-out worktop, instantly gives the space a cohesive look. This design choice not only ensures that there’s ample room for meal preparations but also amplifies the aesthetics of the space. Just when I thought I might need more countertop space, I discovered an additional pull-out section right below the sink. This coupled with storage drawers underneath guarantees that your kitchen essentials are always within arm's reach.

Near the habitation door, even more, worktop space is available, perfect for placing appliances or prepping meals. Storage solutions are a highlight here with space available both above and below this worktop. Elddis seems to understand the importance of efficient storage for those on the road. This is evident from the double lockers in the kitchen, where one side features dedicated racking for plates and cups.

For those wondering about keeping perishables fresh, there’s room right under the sink for a Dometic Fridge. Moreover, a floor-level locker provides extra storage space, ensuring that you have ample room for all your essentials.

Elddis Autoquest 115 Review Bathroom

Compact Washroom with Essential Features

While it might be on the smaller side, the washroom offers everything you’d need for a comfortable experience. It includes a Thetford swivel bowl toilet, and a deep shower tray complemented with an Eco camel shower. The chrome fittings for both the shower tap and sink tap add a touch of elegance, making the space feel more luxurious than it is. I particularly liked the circular countertop sink with its contemporary click plaque plug hole.

Elddis has not skimped on storage in the washroom either. A double-door locker with shelving ensures that your toiletries and essentials are organized and easy to access.

Added Features and Comforts

A standout feature for me is the attention to detail when it comes to comfort and convenience. Roller blinds and mosquito nets are present at every window. Plus, the curtains around the cab windows are an added touch to ensure privacy.

Above the cab and within the seat bases, there's good storage available. The high-level lockers also offer additional storage space. Elddis has incorporated extra hooks, main sockets, and even TV socketry to cater to modern needs. Furthermore, having heating and hot water controls adds to the convenience and ensures a comfortable experience.


In essence, the Elddis Autoquest 115 is a budget motorhome that successfully manages to incorporate all the fundamental amenities needed for a fulfilling camping experience. While it might not offer the high-end luxuries seen in some pricier counterparts, it champions in providing vast storage, a resourceful kitchen, a functional washroom, and a comfortable sleeping area.

Price-wise, the Elddis Autoquest 115 from new is £62,889 for the 2023 model. Given the features and the brand's reputation, we find it to be competitively priced. If you're looking for a motorhome that ensures a seamless blend of essential features without making a dent in your pocket, the Elddis Autoquest 115 might just be the one for you.

Elddis Autoquest 115 Review Living Area


Does the Elddis Autoquest 115 offer modern kitchen amenities?

Absolutely! The Elddis Autoquest 115 boasts a cohesive kitchen layout with a matching black sink, a pull-out worktop, ample storage solutions, and space for a Dometic Fridge, ensuring a functional and stylish cooking space.

What about the washroom facilities in the Elddis Autoquest 115?

The motorhome includes a compact yet feature-rich washroom. It has a Thetford swivel bowl toilet, an Eco camel shower with a deep tray, and elegant chrome fittings for both the shower and sink taps, offering both convenience and comfort.

Are storage solutions a highlight in the Elddis Autoquest 115?

Indeed! Elddis has efficiently designed the Autoquest 115 with generous storage options. From floor-level lockers to high-level lockers, dedicated racking for plates, and storage above and below the kitchen worktop, they've truly maximized storage capabilities.

Is there any specific attention given to window treatments in the Elddis Autoquest 115?

Yes, each window in the Elddis Autoquest 115 is fitted with roller blinds and mosquito nets. Additionally, there are curtains around the cab windows, ensuring privacy and protection from bugs.

How competitive is the Elddis Autouquest 115 in terms of price and features?

Pricing for the 2023 model is £62,889. The Elddis Autoquest 115 is marketed as a budget motorhome. It offers a seamless blend of essential features and is competitively priced in comparison to other models in its range.

What is the fuel consumption of the Elddis Autoquest 115?

The fuel consumption of the Elddis Autoquest 115 is 28-34MPG (manufacturer's spec) from its Peugeot Boxer 2.2 140 Bhp TDi Turbo engine.

How Long is the Elddis Autoquest 115?

The Elddis Autoquest 115 is 6.15 metres.

How wide is the Elddis Autoquest 115?

The overall body width of the Elddis Autoquest is 2.2 metres.

What is the height of the Elddis Autoquest 115?

The Elddis Autoquest 115 measures 2.82 metres tall (including aerial).