Go Pods For Sale: Ultimate Guide to Compact Caravans

Published 2 months ago

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the appeal of Go-Pods for modern adventurers.
  • Discover the affordability of these compact caravans.
  • Learn about the amenities Go-Pods offer, including toilets and heating.
  • Explore the practicality of towing with smaller vehicles.
  • Gain insight into maintenance and storage questions.


In the bustling world of caravanning and outdoor adventures, Go-Pods have become a popular choice for those seeking a blend of comfort and convenience in a compact package. At Campers4Sale, we've seen firsthand the rising interest in these versatile mini caravans. Whether you're a seasoned caravanner or new to the scene, this guide aims to provide you with comprehensive information on Go-Pods, from pricing and value retention to amenities and towing queries.

What Are Go-Pods?

Go-Pods are compact, lightweight caravans designed for ease of use and mobility. Manufactured by Go-Pod Caravans, these units are renowned for their robust build, efficient use of space, and the freedom they offer to explore without the hefty footprint of traditional caravans.

Why Choose a Go-Pod?

  • Ease of Towing: Their lightweight nature means they can be towed by smaller vehicles, including some models of the Mini and Fiat 500.
  • Compact Size: Fitting in most garages, they solve the problem of storage.
  • Self-Sufficiency: Equipped with essential amenities like a toilet and heating, ensuring comfort in remote locations.
  • Economic: Affordable both in purchase and maintenance.

Choosing Your Go-Pod

When considering a Go-Pod, it's important to think about how you plan to use it. Here are a few tips:

  • Purpose: Determine whether you're using it for weekend getaways or longer trips.
  • Towing Vehicle: Ensure your car meets the towing requirements. If your car logbook (V5C) shows a "Braked Towing Capacity" of above 750kg, you're good to go.
  • Budget: Factor in both the purchase price and ongoing maintenance costs.

Go-Pods For Sale: A Comparison

To help you make an informed decision, here's a comparison of new and used Go-Pods available:

Feature New Go-Pod Used Go-Pod
Price Higher, due to being brand new Lower, providing excellent value
Condition Pristine, with the latest features Good to excellent, with potential for upgrades
Warranty Full manufacturer's warranty Limited or no warranty, depending on the seller

For a detailed look at available models, visit our caravans for sale page.

Exploring the Essentials: Inside the World of Go-Pods

When considering the purchase of a Go-Pod, several key aspects come to the forefront of any potential buyer's mind. Price, value retention, amenities, towing capabilities, and specifics about dimensions and maintenance requirements are among the top considerations. Let's take a look into these aspects to provide a clearer picture of what owning a Go-Pod entails.

Price and Value: An Investment in Adventure

Starting at around £18,495 for new models, Go-Pods are an accessible option for those looking to step into the world of caravanning without breaking the bank. The price tag not only reflects the quality and compact convenience of these caravans but also represents an investment in countless adventures to come. When exploring options, it's beneficial to compare the offerings of both new and used Go-Pods to find the perfect match for your budget and preferences.

The notion of depreciation often concerns buyers, yet Go-Pods stand out for their remarkable ability to retain value. Their enduring popularity, coupled with sturdy construction, ensures that even used models maintain a significant portion of their initial cost, making them a wise purchase for the prudent adventurer.

Amenities: Compact Comfort on the Go

Go Pod Caravans For Sale

Despite their small stature, Go-Pods pack a surprising array of amenities into their cosy confines. A question often asked is whether these mini caravans include a toilet, and the answer is a resounding yes. A compact, cassette toilet is standard, addressing the basic needs of most campers.

However, potential buyers curious about shower facilities will find that Go-Pods prioritise space efficiency over having an onboard shower. This choice reflects the design philosophy of maximising the essentials while maintaining a minimal footprint.

Heating is another critical aspect, especially for those adventurous souls braving the colder months. Thankfully, Go-Pods come equipped with heating systems, ensuring a warm and comfortable retreat after a day of exploring.

Specifications: Understanding the Practicalities

The practicalities of owning a Go-Pod extend to its towing capabilities, storage, and maintenance details. Their lightweight design allows for towing by smaller vehicles, including Minis and Fiat 500s, highlighting the ease with which owners can embark on their next adventure. This versatility ensures that even those without a hefty towing vehicle can enjoy the freedom a Go-Pod offers.

Storage is another consideration adeptly addressed by the Go-Pod's design. Most models can snugly fit into a standard garage, solving the common conundrum of where to store your caravan when it's not in use.

On the technical side, understanding the bed size, tyre pressure, and gas bottle requirements adds to the seamless experience of Go-Pod ownership. The convertible seating area into a comfortable double bed ensures restful nights, while adhering to the recommended tyre pressure of around 65 psi. The most widely used gas bottle is the Campingaz R 907 due to its wide availability in the UK and across Europe.

Dimensions and Towing: A Perfect Fit

Go Pod Caravans For Sale

The compact size of Go-Pods, typically around 4 meters in length including the tow hitch, ensures they fit most lifestyles as seamlessly as they do in garages. This dimension, coupled with their lightweight nature, answers the common query regarding the feasibility of towing with smaller cars, confirming that vehicles as compact as a Fiat 500 are up to the task.

Conclusion: Ready for the Road

Go-Pods are a testament to the idea that great things come in small packages. From their affordability and value retention to their array of amenities and ease of towing, Go-Pods embody the spirit of adventure without the burden of cumbersome size or complex maintenance. Whether you're drawn to the allure of the open road or the tranquility of secluded natural retreats, a Go-Pod is your ticket to exploring the beauty of the outdoors with comfort and convenience.